A taste of how the other 99.9% live.

An expensive cafe belonging to a big hotel complex, and enjoying her decaffeinated cuppucino, or owing to regrettable caffeine overdose decades ago the most agonising muscle cramps ensue, is yours truly.



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2 responses to “A taste of how the other 99.9% live.

  1. Toby Montgomery

    I loved reading your blog while you were away. So vivid, and beautifully descriptive. Nice to hear of Aussie tourists in Bali who don’t make me shudder in shame and dread regarding their awful behaviour. I’m amazed the Balinese even talk to Aussies. But as you pointed out, if there’s a payoff in there somewhere, it must be worth it to them. Keep up the writing, you’re bloody good at it.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Toby. I think people who don’t write have no idea how much the writer lives in a vacuum, victim of harping self doubts, and can feel a sense of terrible isolation – until someone reaches out and makes a responsive comment.

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