That’s… extraordinary?

There are very terrible things happening in the world, and unless you just crawled out from under a rock you’d be aware of some of it. In desperation to somehow block it out most people naturally turn to entertainment of some kind, and some people think entertainment is all there is. They’re not terribly discriminating; so long as it’s packaged, whether irritatingly or seductively, it’ll do to pass the time. There seems to be an increasing fascination in the minutae of other people’s lives, regardless of how dull, perhaps as a reassurance that yes, everybody else is just as bored and really quite tedious, irrespective of position or fortune.

I have always marveled that the kind of parlour games which would bore most people were they themselves involved, become to them of enormous entertainment value when broadcast on their television screens. Witnessing “celebrities” being just as dull witted and unentertaining as they themselves would be in someone’s aunt’s living room on a wet weekend appears to rate surprisingly highly in television land.

But some people choose to live their lives differently. When they appear on the scene almost no one can comprehend them. Their context is alien to the world, and the world to them. Here is the extraordinary Salvador Dali on a popular television show of the kind mentioned – a first class example of a person who cannot see himself confined to a category and therefore confounds the world. Having said that though, there is one person on the panel who momentarily and astonishingly abandons reason and leaps to the truth…



And now Andy Warhol, perfectly demonstrating the fascination of the mundane for the banal…



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