Love me or leave me be…

An assumption is made on the part of most stand-up comics that Christians don’t number in their audiences, unless it’s the case that they know they do but can’t resist the opportunity to ridicule and insult them by making crude, unfunny, hackneyed and tiresome scoffings of an adolescent nature, thus singling out one group for vilification and abuse; the kind of public humiliation not leveled at any other.

Several of my facebook “friends”, knowing or suspecting I’m a Christian, never let an opportunity pass without pointing out to me in various ways what a fuckhead I must be to believe in Jesus. They imagine, I suppose, that they’re doing me a favour by regurgitating all the not terribly clever scoffings I’ve had to listen to for the last twenty seven years; that perhaps suddenly persuaded by their words I might reject what I know to be the truth and join them in their worldview.

Christians (and I don’t mean those bastards who’ve selectively and cynically taken scripture out of context and maliciously used it to justify all kinds of evil, calling themselves Christians whilst spreading doctrines of vile hatred) are extremely patient and forbearing people. They’ll sit in those audiences and take it when the object of their faith is reviled, when their beliefs are ridiculed, when they’re made a laughing stock. They take it because that’s what they believe God wants them to do, they believe He warned them in many places throughout the New Testament that they would be hated for His name’s sake, and that persecution and trials would be their lot, and certainly history bears that out; true Christians, true followers of Jesus, true believers, are and have been the most persecuted people in every generation.

Now personally, I don’t care whether you believe that your initiating antecedent was a slime ball which crawled out of the “primordial soup”. As far as I’m concerned it demands a great deal of faith to believe that, in the light of evidences of the fossil record which contains, though abundant in every age, not one single solitary example of one creature’s gradual alteration into another. Scientists always prefix the sentiment “scientists believe” when presenting assertions about the origin of species, which rather indicates a faith system to me, I don’t know about you.

Desperately hoping the unraveling of the mysteries of DNA would confirm them in their belief that there is no God and persuade the entire world to such a religion, scientists instead were amazed to find, though arrogance and pride has prevented them from openly admitting same, that the Bible record of the origin of humans is totally consistent with their findings that all human life sprang from one couple. Rather embarrassing I would have thought. But has anyone humbled himself and said “Shit, I was wrong. Maybe there really is a God after all….” Well, no actually, at least none of which I’m aware.

And I don’t know why my choosing to believe in “the guy in the sky with the pie when you die”, who knew me from before the beginning of creation, should be such a gigantic offence to you. I mean, what are you so freaking afraid of that you have to get all defensive and put out of shape if I merely allude to any Christian tenet.

I’ve had to deal with a lot of fools over the years, and I confess it has become quite irritating. “The fool has said in his heart there is no God”. You’ll find that in the Bible, along with numerous prophecies, all of which except for the very last at this point, have come to pass. I advise anyone who might pride himself on having an open mind and a sincere heart to stop taking unlearned assertions as truth and do some investigation for himself. Anyone sincerely seeking the truth will find it.





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4 responses to “Love me or leave me be…

  1. Rachel

    I loved this post… People invest a great deal of effort in ridiculing Christians. I tread quite lightly in my beliefs, I don’t shove Christianity in anyone’s face. Atheists seem to find more than appropriate to shove Atheism in my face.

  2. Thanks for your response Rachel. Like you, I’ve had to endure endless sermons on atheism, and when, on a number of occasions, I’ve had the gall to offer the fewest words I’m cut off angrily and abused. Be encouraged. You’re not alone.

  3. Debbie

    I didn’t think I could admire you anymore than I did, but now I do! I love reading your blog, and this entry is definitely a pearler! What a great post.
    I spent my childhood in the Pilbara. The primary school I went to would often get visits from the wonderful Bishop Witt – sometimes known as The Bush Bishop. He loved to sit in on our science lessons, and with everything our science teacher told us, Bishop Witt would tell us how the science fit in with the Bible. Little did I know then, his instruction would give me the smarts to handle the many naysayers and vocal atheists I have since encountered.
    It has often amazed me that I have to sit and listen to tirades from atheists, yet if I offer one sentence to the conversation, I then have to sit and listen to how they have had to suffer religon being stuffed down their throats… that’s when I thank the Lord for the ability of private thoughts!!
    Love you or leave you..? Love you, for sure.

  4. Debbie, you simply cannot know what a great joy it is to discover you’re a true believer. I should have known. I love your story. Thank God for Bishop Witt.

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