Life get’s teegious, don’t it?


Or maybe there’s something wrong with the way I see things. In our part of town the council garbage pickup mostly doesn’t show until mid afternoon, but we optimistically put out our refuse the night before, after all one cannot tell whether the pickup schedule will change without warning and one doesn’t want, alarmed by the roar of the council garbage collection truck as it passes one’s house whilst one is possibly sitting on the toilet, to have to run out into the street completely starkers or inadequately dressed screaming “Wait, wait!” and pulling a wheelie bin. Evidently the neighbors, at least in respect of garbage disposal protocols, think as we do and share a like paranoia, or perhaps it’s a consideration they don’t want cluttering up the procedural commitments of their impending morning.

Whatever the case, when a big storm was forecast sometime back, the residents were advised to wait until morning, when the storm was expected to be spent, to put out their garbage, and, being residents who are not incapable of apprehending the possible consequences of failing to heed the advice, all our neighbors kept their garbage in their respective sheltered arbors or whatever. But wrap me in gold ribbon and call me gifted, what do you suppose happened at precisely six of the freaking A.M. on the following day? A rhetorical question. I assume you’ve got it in one….. yup, no doubt laughing hysterically the garbage collectors cruised down our street completely unencumbered by the necessity to stop for anyone’s garbage for the simple reason that the street scape was completely innocent of green wheelies.

Now from this and a number of other and prior incidents having an undesirable outcome, one might draw certain conclusions about life. It doesn’t matter to what lengths you go to cover all possible contingencies nor how prepared your mental attitude, there’s always a strong likelihood things won’t work out as you hope or expect. And it’s not the big and fearful challenges of life nor the most bitter trials, but the multiple little annoyances and trivial stupidities which can really make living quite a grind.

Given then that upon each morning one may face new irritations and frustrations unexpected, and that essentially no one escapes, it would seem reasonable to consider everyone else a fellow sufferer, and as such, a person worthy of compassion. It’s a comfort to know, that regardless of life circumstance, one is not wasting one’s time over the pettiness of the mundane entirely on one’s own. It’s really very funny.



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4 responses to “Life get’s teegious, don’t it?

  1. Toby Montgomery

    I know for a fact that these “garbologists” (as they call themselves) stay up late at night and sometimes even into the early morning to perfectly gauge the perfect moment to drive past when people are on the loo, having a little sleep-in past the alarm, or decided that since last week the garbos didn’t come til after midday they’d be safe to put their bins out on the way to work instead of the night before. It is a gift to so amazingly inconvenience a whole neighbourhood in one foul swoop. So I get my revenge. Sometimes I don’t even decide to put my bins out at all that week. Shazam! Take that, so called garbologists! Ha! The end.

  2. Yeah, that’ll fix ’em.

  3. Debbie

    Hahahaha – Since ‘that’ storm, I have played a game of chicken with my garboligists.. I put my bins out the morning they come for them.. ahh the thrill, looking at all the other green bins lined up in conformity, but me and my bin are non conformist – we line up in our time. All has been good until this morning. Usually a mid to late morning pickup, today they hit my street at 7.30am. I think I satisfied their perverse humour, because they were all laughs as I, hair afrizz & still in my pj’s, flew out dragging the bin out on one wheel.
    I have decided to choose my battles with wisdom – from now on the bin goes out the night before!

  4. Most wise. There’re few things more annoying than, having decided to leave it ’til the morning, one’s rest and repose is rudely shattered by the terrible realisation, on hearing the garbage disposal truck pass the house, that one has miscalculated the entire exercise and the nearly filled wheelie bin whose stinking contents made one retch upon the last occasion of its being opened, will have to remain for another week.

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