Alexa Meade

Trompe l’oeil, or trick the eye in English, has always fascinated me, and I’m struck each time I see an example that we cannot depend for truth on the evidence of our senses. Witnesses of the same event will give differing accounts of what they have seen, not merely because each has a differing visual viewpoint, but because each has his own way of evaluating what he has witnessed depending on his own particular worldview and frames of reference, according to his background, his life experiences, and his adopted, inculcated, or self reasoned attitudes.

I happened upon the work of Alexa Meade on facebook, and in looking for images was astonished to find the artist, whose painting seems to me to have the quality of maturity seldom found in young artists since the days of the Renaissance masters, a very young woman of twenty five.

Testing the bounds of credulity she forces the eye of the beholder of her installations to question the reliability of his perceptions as the real and artifice are interexchanged, spatial dimensions misappearing to confound the intellect of the observer.

As we stand before the great paintings of the expressionists and the impressionists we marvel that though close up we see loose and bold strokes of coloured paint, as we retreat from the painted surface the image seems to conform itself to a true reflection of reality. In accustoming our perceptions to receiving a painted image on a flat surface as essentially a representation of the real, confusion occurs when we confront the real painted as though a representation of coloured paint on a flat surface.

Visit this Wikipedia page to read about the artist.



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2 responses to “Alexa Meade

  1. Oh! I love these. In particular the blue man in the bare room. How inspiring…

  2. Thanks for coming to take a look. Yes, her work is very interesting.

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