I note that it was International Suicide Prevention Day recently, and saw a documentary on the new dialectic underway on youth suicide. Hitherto considered a subject not suitable to report in the media, the rationale having it that rashes of suicides are provoked by any such attention, the rate of youth suicide in western countries is now at epidemic proportions, and the silence and taboo is coming under serious review.

None of the “experts” seems to have the vaguest idea why young people are killing themselves, citing the breakdown of the family and financial pressures in a desperate bid to explain what they can’t understand. Suicides resulting from bullying on school campuses and internet media accounts for a small proportion, and the rest cannot be explained by the hesitant proposition of the aforementioned alleged triggers, many suicides issuing from situations western culture deems ideal. So what’s happening here?

Suicide amongst the older generations is not so difficult to comprehend. Anyone addicted to money or position or status who loses it makes himself a likely candidate, likewise someone suffering the inconsolable loss of a loved one. Those trying to escape the torment and agony of terminal disease, or who following larceny or criminality are publicly exposed and can’t bear the shame, resort to suicide.

In an effort to understand the cause of the impulse in young people to permanently exit the manifest reality people ask themselves what’s wrong with these young people that suicide presents as their only clear way forward, and parents wonder what they could have done to prevent their kids suiciding, having taken them to medicos who prescribe anti depressants which usually hasten the undesirable outcome. But they’re asking themselves the wrong question.

It’s necessary to examine the manifest reality to see whether there’s anything so completely loathesome in it which would give rise to the desire and induce the execution of final and complete removal from it.

My God, where does one begin?

All generations until WWII were ushered into a world of stable expectations. Boys would follow in their fathers’ footsteps, girls their mothers’. In most instances a young person would expect to occupy the kind of workplace for which he was trained for the course of his working life, would expect to marry and raise a family, and the cycle would repeat itself, the exception being the one who entertained a dream of the future which did not conform to anyone else’s expectations. This is certainly not the case today.

Today all young people are exhorted to have and follow their dreams, dreams stifled by a stark reality of repressive and expensive protocols, of shrinking and withering bounds of opportunity, of commercial and political structures on the point of collapse, and widely broadcast failures. The messages by which they’re bombarded concerning their prospects are mixed and menacing, the world they inherit a horror wrought by the indiscriminate and wholesale pillage and exploitation and destruction of natural resources by an elite whose only interest and concern is its continued domination of an increasingly obedient population which chooses to believe the lies devised and fabricated by its corporate propaganda machine so that it will continue as slaves producing more profits for its bursting coffers.

Past generations met their life partners within the milieu of work and social associations, choice narrowed considerably compared with today, and expectations were never so lofty that anyone but the insufferable should be left alone. Impressed by the popular fantasy of finding their “perfect match”, or “soul mate”, or the living expression of their “wish list”, few now form loyal partnerships whilst they continue to hanker for someone who may never appear, and committed relationships prepared to weather life’s storms and honour exchanged vows are considered anachronistic.

A population well trained to aspirations which can never be satisfied is a very alienating society into which young people have been born. A schism is created in the mind of anyone expected to believe and live by lies, and psychosis induced in anyone who tries to conform himself to them. Children and young people, still sensitively attenuated to simple justice and simple truth, have little hope of reconciling the apparent with the lie. Suicide presents, under these circumstances, an end to the insanity and a freedom from torment. The pertinent question should be, given that the world is in the throes of a terrible delusion and punishes anyone who won’t fall in line, why is it that so many remain.



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6 responses to “Suicide

  1. Debbie

    The highest percentage of suicides are boys 15-25 yrs old. As a mother to an 8 yr old boy, when I heard this, I really got to thinking. My thoughts led me down a similar path to yours, mine being more single minded as I was primarily concerned with my own male child.
    I believe that the social experiment ‘Blending of the sexes’ is majorly responsible for these statistics. My boy is male, his brain and body are affected by testosterone – fact. Testosterone and Estrogen effect the body in totally different ways – fact. We [society] acknowledge the effect of Estogen – teenage girls, monthly bouts of rampaging hormones, menopause. Boys on the other hand, have none of this leniency, understanding or sympathy. From the time they enter compulsory education (approx 4yrs old), they are told to be the same as girls – ‘Don’t jump around, don’t hit, don’t yell’. (This at a time of development that testosterone is at it’s second highest level, second only to their teens/early twenties.) Daycare workers not allowed to say ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’, instead they must say ‘Well done, Tom’ or ‘Good job, Sally’. No mention of sexual gender.. Heaven forbid Tom finds out he’s a boy!! They go through school having it reinforced via discipline, hovercraft teachers, a highly female staff. They’re taught not how to deal with it, but to pretend it’s not there and it’ll go away mentality.
    My boy got in to trouble at school for aggression (he was protecting a mate). He was disciplined like a girl. Let me put that another way… Testosterone got in trouble at school for aggression, he was disciplined like he was Estrogen. It was right there, in that discipline, that I saw the problem – I was his lack of understanding, a lack of knowing a way out, self doubt, creep in.
    Anyway, they go through there teens, early twenties (the largest burst of testosterone), having little or no knowledge of how to handle these outbursts, trying to act a ‘certain’ way… feeling wrong because they can’t get it right, confused… at 18 add alcohol… it seems a certain map for disaster.
    I believe :)) boys need to be taught to be boys, we need to acknowledge the effects of testosterone and then teach boys how to work with it, own it, control it. A class for girls and a class for boys, starting in grade 4, run by the respective sex on how it all works.
    The foundation of a good society is a Man and a Woman working to their strengths and encouraging one another. When one is weakened, the team suffers.

  2. Debbie

    Oh dear.. affect/effect… LOL

  3. Well, Debbie, you’ve certainly introduced a factor which eluded me – strange, because it’s something I’ve thought about often before now, and then in my cogitations on the subject of youth suicide it was omitted from my considerations. Thank you very much for your observations.

  4. Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to grasp so much approximately this, such as you wrote the e book in it or something. I believe that you can do with some percent to pressure the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  5. It’s great to get some feedback. I get a great many visitors but only a small handful of those will “like” what I’ve said, or leave a response. I’m very grateful.

  6. I think being closer to the natural world works wonders in life. If we buy into society as the sole source of connection it will inevitably fail us. So far we haven’t destroyed the beauty of the planet. The stars still shine, the birds sing in the morning, snow reflects moonlight, insects live among us carrying out there business. It is there that I find peace and belonging.

    …and woah Debbie, don’t take it out on women and estrogen. That’s too simplistic and misogynistic. Let your son know that you support and love him for all of who he is even when the system doesn’t and you’ve helped instill that message in him.

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