I’ve arrived. Or at least I think so….

Well here it is. No pretty pictures. No preamble. Big announcement: I don’t give a damn any more.

I arrived at this point finally having had enough of all the horror. Horror wrought by whoever they are who order the chemtrails, who poison the food chain, who rob the water, who subvert the law, who cheat and store up wealth for themselves while their compatriots starve, who cause the young to believe it’s a good idea to murder in the name of war.

Posting news of these things on facebook might wake up a few, but is it what I really want to do, I ask myself. And ultimately I’m not going to kid myself that the further ruination of my health in pursuit of this task is worth it. Like I’m some big deal changing the world, the unmasked crusader, boldly saying it like it probably is. And I say that because it’s impossible to tell what originates in disinformation think tanks, designed to generate feelings of hopelessness, and a readiness to comply.

So I figure, what the fuck. Next time I visit facebook I’ll try not to get involved. I’ll just look at the cute kittens and the romantic sunsets, and I’ll start posting those memes carrying gratuitous advice and cloying homilies which hitherto I sped past lest any of it come near to causing me to gag.



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3 responses to “I’ve arrived. Or at least I think so….

  1. Thomidog

    Nooooo…. Never do that! As long as you have patience to bear my responses please keep posting whatever you like!

  2. Aha, ’tis you. Interesting psuedonym. Well thanks such a lot dear thing, I am much encouraged. But I do rather feel my stress levels soaring way up there whenever I find something which outrages my sensibilities. Fibromyalgia is a demanding and jealous beast which punishes any attention I may direct to anything but the constant devising of ways to mollify its temper.

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