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Seriously counterproductive

It’s all wrong. I refer to those frigging ads which exhort people to use disinfectants which they claim “kill 99.9% of household germs”.

It seems incredible to me that people diligently clean and disinfect their “surfaces”, believing that the point one percent of bacteria which aren’t killed by the product, made increasingly strong by surviving each assault, couldn’t possibly harm them. Made paranoid about germs by advertisers hawking ever more “protections” from the things which kept the immune system strong in previous generations, people slather them everywhere.

But hygiene principles once acknowledged as important in the restriction of contagion are all but ignored now; people blithely and thoughtlessly cough and sneeze without bothering to cover their mouths whenever they catch the flu, and then “bravely soldier on” spreading infection in shops and offices, and public transport.

Must one wear a mask everywhere, for crying out loud.

Back in the 1950’s the plague of polio inspired a rush on vaccines made available by drug companies which reaped embarrassing profits, but it turned out that if people had simply washed their hands after using the toilet the plague would have been avoided. It should be a matter of common sense, I’m sure you’ll agreeā€¦.


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