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Oh that’s just great; another crisis


As if we weren’t in enough trouble, what with nuclear energy’s deathly waste products ensuring mass annihilation, and the global disintegration and erosion of personal freedoms and rights by governments determined to hold onto illegitimate power won by a fraudulent dichotomised political system in which both sides follow the same agenda; a travesty of democracy, with the push for widespread media control and censorship, and machinations to institute one world government by the elite whose goal is mass slavery, and the poisoning of food and water sources by chemical pollution and genetic engineering, and a handful of other pressing issues which won’t be addressed lest they harm the multinational corporate bottom line, now it seems our continued existence is threatened on another front as well.

“Oh great,” I hear you cry, “what the fuck else,” you immoderately enquire. “Oh, I know,” you say triumphantly, “must be climate change.”

No, dear hearts, if only that were the problem we wouldn’t be in such deep shit. Calamitous perhaps, but not to the entire human race. No. Bend your minds to this additional horror facing us all. Thanks to the plastics industries, and estrogens introduced into the food chain to enhance livestock production, and microwaves emanating from cell phones carried in the hip pocket, and the grains and sugar industries, we are now dealing with a crisis in the health of men completely unprecedented in human history. Twenty year old men now have the equivalent sperm count of men in their eighties and most have erectile difficulties, and males born without genitals or with malfunctioning and defective equipment which will render them impotent or completely unable to copulate are increasing at an alarming rate.

Water sold in plastic bottles is highly dangerous and particularly to men, because the industry relies upon a process of blowing the plastic into shape under extremely high temperatures, and immediately the bottles then shuffle along to be filled with water whilst still hot and in an unstable state which leaches estrogens and chemical toxins into the water. So those drinking bottled water to avoid the deadly fluoride in mains delivery, for which governments indemnify themselves against death or poisoning clearly because its dangers are known, are being poisoned and emasculated by the alternatives.

Testosterone levels in men have hit an all time low, so low that physical strength and endurance is equivalent to that of the weakest specimens of historical epochs, and clinical and chronic depression and mental confusion induced by low testosterone is at an all time high. Encouraged to consume a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar, unknown to our ancestors, and discouraged from a diet high in natural fats and oils which in past generations kept them lean and strong and well supplied with testosterone and a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, men have been reduced to eunuchs whose cortisol, the death hormone, levels are skyrocketing. At the current rate one might anticipate the human race dying out within merely two generations.

Before you throw your hands up in utter despair, be encouraged by the fact that there are measures which undertaken can reverse the trend. Carry your cell phone in a bag, eliminate grains and cereals and sugar, filter your mains water, eat plenty of green vegetables and bitter herbs, and ensure adequate intake of natural fats and oils, from avocados and nuts and healthy free range raised meats.

Had I suggested two decades ago that the elite, who dine upon the very best organic produce and obtain their water from immaculate springs, and ensure an intake of anticarcinogenic vitamins and rare herbs and substances which they’ve made nearly impossible for the masses to obtain through restrictive laws and practices and a relentless campaign of disinformation, are carrying out their plan to kill off a large percentage of the world’s population by mass poisonings and innovative diseases, to say nothing of the wars which they devise and initiate, I would have been considered a crank or a lunatic. But no one is quick to dismiss these suggestions anymore. Anyone who does has his head in the sand or is in the pocket of the multinational corporations. When the evidences pile up anyone who does the least research is lead to these conclusions, simply because having eliminated all other possible candidates for consideration, nothing else is left.

Once almost everyone in the world has died, the elite, finding themselves without a large enough gene pool to ensure genetic diversity, will have to go fuck themselves.


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The end is nigh…

Should anyone be in any confusion or doubt about how the end of the world will come, and when it will come, be confused and doubting no more. I hate to be the messenger of bad tidings my darlings, but it really looks like we’ve come to the end of the long and winding road, the tapestry of life is about to unravel, and all the questions we’ve ever asked ourselves concerning whether there’s another world to which we go after death or whether there’s simply oblivion will be answered for us, en masse, in pretty short order.

Whilst waiting for the inevitable it is perhaps not without merit to take a look back at what brought us here, to consider the implications of the great quest for fame and riches to which our aspirations were trained which has led us as lambs to the slaughter to obedience to the creed of the capitalist economy, to the empty consumerist life, and of the terrible harvest of all that greed and vainglory, and thank the corporate criminals otherwise known as CEOs and the bankers for destroying the lives of man and beast in their voracious appetite for power and widespread human slavery. This is one disaster from which all their obscene wealth and indomitable power cannot protect them, and I must say I can’t help but smile just a little at the very thought.

You may not think you have the time, whilst pursuing the agenda mapped out for you by the elite in the conduct of your daily grind, to read the articles which follow, but I’m thinking most would want to understand exactly the nature of the global calamity about to obliterate all life on Earth.

Here’s what the UN Ambassador has to say. “No Exaggeration – Fate Of The World Depends On Fukushima Reactor 4”


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