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The new morality

You know what? I’ve had it right up to here (indicates back teeth) with the sanctimonious, self righteous, arrogant majority which has bought the idea that it only needs to complain of having taken offense at the thoughts, beliefs, words or actions of another for the “authorities” to issue edicts or pass bills outlawing the “offense” of the accused culprit, and subjecting him to broad public outrage and censure.

So well trained to cast narrow, officious eyes on everything, even works of art are now under attack, and the nudity which never offended the Victorians now offends the delicate sensibilities of a schizophrenic public which finds no fault with the manipulated images of near naked nubile females suggestively posed to sell “the product”, but colours with embarrassment and mortification at the sight of a woman discreetly feeding her baby.

As though completely missing the point of Farenheit 451, and ignoring the warning signals which point to a future of extremely limited possibilities in which every movement, every utterance is examined by a fascist rulership having the power to punish any deviation from the permitted, ordinary people, losing or never cultivating the capacity for rational analysis and reflection, imagine that by eliminating everything which offends, a perfect or better world will result.

What the hell happened to people who leapt from the generally lauded sentiment which was proudly owned to the effect that one might not agree with what another says but will defend to the death his right to say it, to the position of proscribing a number of topics for public discussion, even limiting the permitted viewpoints on the subjects which remain open to debate so that they fall only within a narrow range, outside of which universal condemnation falls on anyone daring to express the maverick view.

I’m pretty much constantly offended by the things I see and hear in this world, but I’m here to tell you I’m still alive. It won’t kill you to be offended. Furthermore, as far as I can tell I haven’t been damaged personally by the offense I took at anything, and I’m reasonably sure you haven’t been either. The likelihood of our being damaged by something over which we’ll take offense in the future is extremely slim, I’m sure you’ll agree.

What a ship of fools we are. The ruling elite, skilled in social engineering, are witnessing the success of their experiments and have good reason for celebration and self congratulation. While waiting for the world to wake up I have become tired, and am almost at the point of saying I don’t give a damn anymore.



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