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I’ve been thinking…

The world is a construct of competing dreams and dreads; the thoughts we entertained, the fears we nurtured, the hopes we pinned, the aspirations we cultured, the schemes we devised, the actions we took, and the words we uttered, all were thrown into the mix to produce the present reality. Since this is the case, and many realise this and are constantly in the process of creating with their thoughts the future reality for which they hanker, it behooves those who understand to dream a better reality, one which isn’t totally self-serving, as is the case amongst the elite of this world who have kept the secret of this process for so long and mastered their dreaming to the wholesale detriment of others.

I spent decades worrying about the hatred and violence in the world, and outraged at the machinations of evil governments and organisations, to the point at which I’d made myself ill over it all. Never able to find happiness whilst dwelling on these things, I finally made the decision to excise from my life all news reportage and current affairs television, though enough of the bad news reaches me through other means to inform me in a sketchy way of the global situation.

Those responsible for disseminating news, and carefully crafting what is delivered to us and from what slant, muzzling reporters and dictating the perameters of their focus, derive obscenely enormous pecuniary benefit from our sense of hopelessness and fear, and much of the news is lies devised by the elite in private rooms behind guarded doors. On the basis of these lies and manipulations countries go to war, the masses buy commodities they don’t need, and the corrupt system continues to reap huge rewards for its participants and engineers. This being the case, why should anyone invest his emotional life and waste his energy believing and responding to anything he sees or hears in the popular media? We need to examine everything in the light of real critical analysis, understanding the gross evil driving world events and trends, and promote in ourselves a growing capacity for unsullied and independent thought.

Though I find myself more at peace I note that the world is not, and reflect that my significantly decreased involvement has had no impact one way or another, which is, naturally, exactly what I figured. I wonder whether, if everybody refused to suck in the sick and slick lies, stopped giving life to fear engendered by the corporations and governments which profit by it, stopped reacting to divisive manipulations, we would see a world completely transformed, one which is kinder, more inclusive, more compassionate, and a far sight easier to live in. Just a thought…


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A little Sunday thought…

One of my favourite quotes comes from My Speech to the Graduates by Woody Allen, first published in the New York Times in 1979:

“More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

There is almost nothing as funny as turning our neuroses and fears concerning the future, and in particular the end of the world as we know it, into an occasion to laugh. None of us has the power to stop the elite class who run the world and prescribe the common dialectic from designing wars and creating the situations which put countries at enmity with eachother for their entertainment and profit – at least it would appear not yet. And so our sense of hopelessness, fed by the popular media, crafted by the organisations which prosper by our paranoia, is only alleviated by an irrepressible faculty of finding the funny side to all things.

Some decades ago Tom Lehrer the satirist, accompanying himself on wickedly played piano, gave us his song We Will All Go Together When We Go, which gave those of us around at the time a little light relief from our terrors of a massive nuclear war which threatened to destroy the world following the Bay of Pigs incident.

I say thank God for the humorists and comics, without whom we might all have sunk into such a deep pit of despair that there might be no possibility of emerging.

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