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The wonderful works wrought by Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan spent his time in utter obscurity and penury creating these amazing works until he and some of his miniature masterpieces appeared on the net. Now his works command an enormous price. Is he anomalous, eccentric, a little crazy? Of course he is. You surely wouldn’t expect someone who’s caught in the world’s agenda to be so completely “out there” as to eschew the confining of his daily life to the struggle to find work in the marketplace to make a buck, or in his case a quid, doing something prosaic and mundane. No, it takes crazies to produce this sort of thing. Thank God for the wonderful crazy creative people among us who lift our lives out of the focus on the ordinary.





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Gwen Murphy’s wonderful art

I love Gwen Murphy’s nifty shoe faces and simply had to have a few pictures of them here. Here’s a link to her blog.


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